Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Change of Pace

Ok, so this post marks a definite change in my blog posts. One, I'm actually doing them again after something like a six month hiatus. Two, I think I've blogged a lot about things in the past. That definitely has merit, but I think I'm a little more into the idea of writing about what's going on in the present. Speaking of which, several updates.
      I am now attending Southern Utah University, which makes this my fourth school in the four semesters since my mission. So far so good, I think I'm actually going to stick around for a while, which will be a nice change. I realized a while back that in the last four years, I haven't lived in any city longer than eight months. It's been pretty awesome, but it will be nice to be in one place for a while. On the other hand, I may end up in South Korea next fall for like six months. Who knows? Either way, I'm pretty stoked for whatever happens.
     I also broke the crap out of my leg longboarding last week. It's actually kind of nice in a weird way, though. I never realized how great it is just to be able walk or dance or anything that requires the use of two legs. Life is interesting. When I was living in Hawaii I was so poor I couldn't buy healthy food and was pretty malnourished. I kept getting sick, and I remember that when I got home, it was the greatest thing in the world just to be able to afford to eat something healthy, instead of ramen and rice. It makes me grateful I live where I do, and I have any food at all, considering the circumstances some people live in.
     In December, I'm heading back to Hawaii for three weeks to hang out with my brother Cam. Since I will almost certainly be majorly broke, I'm taking the spear gun my grandpa made while he was in the Navy during the Korean War with me so I can spearfish. I have to say, being broke can suck sometimes, but life would be a lot more boring if everything had been handed to me.
     I guess that's all for now, I think I'll be blogging next about this last summer or something similar.
P.S. Here's my  broked-up leg bones.